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Commodity Pool, LTD (STT's successor) is a  Moscow-based (Russian Federation) company specializing in exchange-based  trading, fund management, consulting,   translations, and software development and localisation.
The S&P500 index have always been our sphere of interest.  It was a popular indicator of market trends at the Russian exchanges before the crisis of 1998, and we took pains  to research it thoroughly in order  to be able to offer consultations and forecast the direction of the index movements for our customers.  Since 1998 we have actively traded the E-mini contracts.
We have posted signals for the S&P500 index on this site since 2000, and in 2006, we are beginning to apply our experience to other exchanged-traded markets, most notably gold, crude oil and other commodities, as well as currencies. 
Our credo is reason and discipline.  You can rely on us coming up with more solutions for futures traders, and we shall always be around, doing our job diligently and purposefully. You are welcome to use our products to boost your confidence and profit!


Professionalism and Discipline versus Greed and Fear
Futures trading is about making money. A good system will allow you to bring in consistent profit, and trading swings  -  to stay active the year round and be able to have results every month or quarter.
Now why don't you trade like a pro - which is another way of saying "use the systematic approach in your trading"? Make trading your business, not just gambling. Take greed, fear, debt and sleepless nights out of your life, and let into it - professionalism, research and discipline.
We are  here to help you!

Vladimir Boronenko, President, Commodity Pool, LTD


Moscow, Russian Federation, 119361
Phone: +7-495-782-2047
Fax: +7-495-437-0207

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