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Sales and pricing policy   |   How to order  |   Payment options |   Pricing criteria

1) Any system purchased at its full price listed below will be completely disclosed to the purchaser, including the corresponding code (TS, Metastock or both), immediately after the payment is received.
2) The following discounts will be applied: a second system leased or purchased by the same customer - 5%, a third system - 10%, a forth and all the consecutive systems - 15% of the full lease/purchase price. 

3) The prices and other terms may be changed without prior notice; in this event, all customers will be entitled to the better prices (old or new) till the expiration of the current lease term.
4) Money back. In case of a system showing a drawdown greater than the historical maximum, disclosed on this site, within a year of the purchase, or not achieving at least the historical minimum yearly result recorded over the last 12 years as disclosed on this site, we shall refund you the whole price of the system purchased on your request, provided those will be theoretical results achieved according to the system's signals on a clean set of data and not your actual trading results for which we shall bear no responsibility.    
Name of system purchase


1 month 3 months
S&P500 (ES)
Swinger-ES1 $0
Swinger-ES2  $0
Swinger-ES3 $0
Swinger-ES4 $0
Swinger-ES5 $0
Swinger-ES6 $0
Swinger-ES7 $0
Eurocurrency (EC, 6E or E7)
Swinger-EC1 $0
Swinger-EС2 $0
Swinger-EС3 $0
Gold (GC, ZG or YG)
Swinger-GC1 $0
Swinger-GC2 $0
Swinger-GC3 $0
Swinger-GC4 $0
Coffee (KC)
Swinger-KC1 $0
Swinger-KC2 $0
Swinger-KC3 $0
Swinger-KC4 $0
Swinger-KC5 $0
Crude oil (CL or QM)
Swinger-CL1 $0
Swinger-CL2 $0
Note: Prices have been established with  regard to systems' profitability and the time over which they return the  capital invested in their purchase (see here).   

How to order

To order the purchase of one of the  systems presented, including:

  • Complete description
  • Metastock or TradeStation code (or both)
  • Free historical data
  • Free consultations

or to order a 1 or 3-month lease of a  system including:

  • Protected file for TS7 or TS2000i (ELD, ELS)
  • Free historical data
  • Free consultations

please  fill out the following form (if you wish to contact us before making a decision please refer to Contact Information below):

  Your first and last name

Specify your order (please indicate if you want an invoice):

Please enter below:

    Your e-mail address

    Your phone number



By submitting this order form you agree not to re-sell, distribute or otherwise use this system (systems) for commercial or any other purposes other than your own trading or educational needs.   


Got questions? Don't hesitate to ask:

Payment options

1) Money check

2) Wire transfer 

Please contact us at for detailed instructions.

Commodity Pool, Ltd.
Moscow, Russian Federation, 119361
Phone: +7-495-782-2047
Fax: +7-495-437-0207

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