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    1. Description
      Name: ELP Program (ELP). Markets: primarily suited for S&P500 futures: standard (SP), E-mini (ES) or Micro E-mini (MES); but also good for S&P500 index following ETFs. For more information on suitable markets see here. Essentially, it is a method of conservative investing allowing people not interested in frequent trading or being glued to the screen all day to invest in the futures market and derive advantages of short selling and leverage. Max. position: 3 long or 3 short contracts per recommended capital. Recommended capital: $7,000 for Micro E-mini futures (S&P 500 x $5), or $70,000 for E-minis (S&P 500 x $50), or $350,000 for the Standard futures contract (S&P 500 x $250). Trade execution: on the respective day’s close (except for cases when a target price is reached intraday). Signals: provided for the following day after the current trading day closure.
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    2. Performance
      44.7% ann. per recommended capital (on average over the last 24 years). Over and above that, add another couple of percentage points, since your broker will buy, at your request, some Treasuries with your free money.
      All 24 years under consideration (1996 through 2019) profitable. Of 289 months, 212 profitable, 77 unprofitable (loss or zero). Ave. profit per month $2601 (+3.7%). (Here and elsewhere, figures are for E-mini S&P500 futures). Ave. profit per profitable month $4910 (+7.0%), ave. loss per unprofitable month –$3757 (-5.4%).
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    3. Analysis
      Sharpe ratio: 6.6 (2.6 if adjusted for leverage), which indicates an excellent balance between return and risk. Max. monthly drawdown 32.5% (c.$22,000 in 1998 and 2010), recovered over the following two months. (Compare this with the index itself: it plunged 48% in 2000-2002 and then another 56% in 2007-2009, so essentially, it took 11 years to fully recover.) Costs of trading are negligible.
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    4. Service
      End-of-day signals for the following day. Very convenient! You know beforehand what to do!
    5. Subscription
      After you subscribe, you will be receiving signals free of charge for 2 months, so that you may get used to them and test them out if you wish. After that, there will be a subscription fee. If the month is unprofitable (loss or no position) – you pay nothing for the next month. You pay only out of profit!
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    6. Risk disclosure
      Past results do not guarantee the same results in the future. Futures trading is associated with risk. What lasted for 200 years may also change!

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